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Whitley Neill Oriental Spiced Gin 70cl


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Smells lovely with spices like cardamom, cubeb, and coriander, followed by the scent of piney juniper and fresh citrus peel. When you taste it, the juniper flavor is joined by warm, earthy cumin, then more peppery, gingery spice with a hint of lemon. The aftertaste is a long, graceful mix of pepper and savoury spice.

Whitley Neill Oriental Spiced Gin was created by Johnny Neill, who got the idea during his travels to the Indian subcontinent in the late 1990s. The gin is made to capture the exotic flavours and scents of the Orient.

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  1. Henny Stoll

    This product is really nice, tasty, strong, and effective. The quality is outstanding. Great taste, reasonably priced, and quick delivery!

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