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Suntory Hibiki Japanese Harmony Whiskey 70cl


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“Hibiki was introduced in 1989 to celebrate Suntory’s 90th anniversary, and it’s been recognized as the epitome of The Art of Japanese Whisky, a true reflection of Japanese nature and its people. Hibiki Whisky isn’t just Japan’s most decorated blended whisky; it’s also one of the world’s most esteemed and respected whiskies.

Hibiki’s Harmony whisky boasts an amber hue, offering a sweetness akin to honey, complemented by candied orange peel and white chocolate on the palate. The experience concludes with a subtle, lingering finish, featuring hints of Mizunara.”

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    Hibiki, Suntory
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  1. Peter Reid

    It's something new, but still whisky, and quite enjoyable. Hibiki Harmony was my first taste of Japanese whisky. I expected it to be very different from Scottish whisky, and maybe not as good, but it was a pleasant surprise.I also loved how quickly the delivery came from this shop.

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