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Shakespeare Stratford Dry Gin 50cl



Stratford Dry Gin captures the flavours of herbs and flowers from the Tudor garden, combined with the boldness of juniper and sweetness of Mediterranean citrus.

Distilled in the ‘London dry’ style using a single shot distillation method with botanicals including rose, lemon balm, rosemary and English lovage, resulting in a full-on floral flavour profile well balanced with herbal sweetness.

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  • Brand
    The Shakespeare Distillery
  • Flavour
    London Dry
  • Bottle Size
  • ABV
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Product Reviews

  1. Tristan

    I will say, this isn't a floral gin. It's firmly in the herbal style, and boy does it do it well! Makes for a perfect dry martini (or dirty!), and even better untainted by brine, with a plain tonic and a slice of lemon! Went on a riverboat gin cruise with these guys and would recommend that, too! 10/10 flavour for value!!!

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