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Rugby Distillery Navy Strength Gin 70cl



Navy Strength is Rugby’s fuller-bodied dry gin. The botanicals are identical to their 1823 Dry Gin but is stronger in both flavour and alcohol content. Its heightened elements and flavours make it the perfect gin for a Negroni, or any other gin based cocktail.

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Rugby navy strength Gin 70cl is a bold and robust spirit that delivers a punch of flavor with every sip. This premium gin is distilled using the finest botanicals, including juniper, coriander, and angelica root, which combine to create a distinct and complex flavor profile.

The “navy strength” designation refers to the fact that this gin has a higher alcohol content than traditional gins, coming in at 57% ABV. This higher proof gives the gin a stronger flavor and a richer mouthfeel, making it perfect for cocktails and mixing.

The distillers at Rugby have created a gin that is both powerful and nuanced, with notes of pine and citrus coming through on the nose, followed by a complex mix of flavors on the palate. The higher alcohol content doesn’t overwhelm the other botanicals, but instead enhances their flavors, resulting in a gin that is both bold and balanced.

Rugby navy strength Gin 70cl is bottled in a sleek and stylish container that is both functional and eye-catching. The label features a distinctive navy blue design with a rugby ball and crossed oars, paying homage to the brand’s sporting heritage. The bottle also features a cork stopper, adding to its premium feel.

This gin is perfect for those who want to take their gin drinking to the next level, whether that be sipping it straight or using it to create a range of delicious cocktails. With its bold flavor and premium packaging, Rugby navy strength Gin 70cl is a must-have for any gin enthusiast.

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