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Plymouth Original Strength English Gin 70cl



The rich and smooth taste of Plymouth Gin is the result of a balanced blend of seven hand-selected botanicals. The blend of botanicals includes juniper (obviously), coriander, orange & lemon peel, angelica root, green cardamom and orris root.

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Plymouth Original Strength English Gin 70cl – A Classic Botanical Blend

Calling all gin lovers! Have you tried Plymouth Original Strength English Gin 70cl yet? This gin has been handcrafted using seven hand-selected botanicals that come together in perfect harmony. The resulting blend offers a rich and smooth flavour profile that has been enjoyed for centuries. In this article, we’ll dive into the botanicals used in Plymouth Original Strength English Gin 70cl and how they contribute to the gin’s unique taste. Whether you’re a seasoned gin enthusiast or just getting started, you won’t want to miss out on this classic English gin.

Plymouth Original Strength English Gin 70cl is known for its balanced blend of botanicals that create a harmonious and distinct taste. The cornerstone of this blend is, of course, juniper, which is complemented by coriander and green cardamom. The result is a classic London Dry gin with a subtle spice undertone. The next botanicals used in the blend are orange and lemon peel, which give the liquor its distinct citrus flavour. Finally, angelica root and orris root round off the blend with their earthy and floral notes.

What sets it apart from other Gin in its class?

Plymouth Original Strength English Gin 70cl stands out amongst other Gin thanks to its unique and peerless pedigree, and to the combination of over 400 years of expertise and knowledge to create a Gin that remains true to its sea-faring roots, with a style heavily focused on notes of juniper and coriander combined with citrus zest – allowing exceptional balance, complexity and character.

One of the things that make Plymouth Original Strength English Gin 70cl so special is the distillation process. The gin is distilled in a copper pot still, a traditional method that has been used for centuries. This method allows for the creation of a full-bodied and flavourful spirit. Each batch is then passed through a custom filtration system that removes any impurities and leaves the gin with a clean and smooth taste.

This Gin is steeped in history and production methods from the 17th century, and crafted according to the same standards that made it so renowned all those centuries ago – ensuring a taste unlike any other Gin in its class.

How to best serve.

To showcase Plymouth Original Strength English Gin 70cl subtle yet complex profile with the greatest appreciation, it should be served in a copa glass over plenty of ice so that all of its botanicals are allowed to shine with a light tonic for the perfect balance between refreshing, aromatic and dry notes, Plymouth Gin is simply delightful and sure to leave each Gin lover satisfied.

To fully appreciate the taste, we recommend serving it neat or with a premium tonic water. The gin’s complex botanical blend makes for a great base in classic cocktails such as the gin and tonic, Tom Collins or Martini.


Plymouth Original Strength English Gin 70cl is a classic gin that perfectly balances seven hand-selected botanicals to create a rich and smooth flavour profile. Its traditional copper pot distillation method and custom filtration system result in a clean and smooth spirit. Whether you drink it neat or in a cocktail, you won’t be disappointed. So what are you waiting for? At 41.2% ABV, this gin is perfect for those looking for a classic gin that packs a punch. Order a bottle today and experience the taste of a classic English gin. Cheers!


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