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Passoa Passionfruit Liqueur 70cl



Passoã is a passionfruit liqueur with a full-bodied sweetness that brings a twist and burst of zest to the palate. Made with real passion fruit from Brazil, Passoã is unmistakably tickled red with an intensely stimulating flavour.

It is a key ingredient in the UK’s #1 cocktail, the Porn Star Martini; a must have in bars that you can also make at home with friends. But don’t let the mixing stop there! It is the perfect way to “Pimp your Prosecco” or add a little passion into your Sangria! With Passoã there are no boundaries to the delicious drinks you can make.

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Introducing Passoa: The Exquisite Passion Fruit Liqueur That Takes You on a Sensory Journey

Step into a world of tropical bliss with Passoa, the unrivaled passion fruit liqueur that tantalizes your taste buds and transports you to exotic shores. Crafted with precision and a deep appreciation for the rich flavors of the passion fruit, Passoa embodies the essence of indulgence and adventure.

From the moment you uncork the bottle, a symphony of vibrant aromas fills the air, as if the essence of a sun-drenched paradise has been captured and bottled just for you. The luscious fragrance of ripe passion fruit entwines with subtle hints of citrus and floral undertones, instantly igniting a sense of anticipation.

As you pour a velvety stream of Passoa into your glass, the liquid cascades gently, showcasing its mesmerizing golden hue. With each sip, your palate is bathed in a harmonious dance of flavors that burst forth with tropical intensity. The essence of the passion fruit takes center stage, delivering a perfect balance between sweet and tangy notes that excite and refresh your senses.

Passoa is more than just a drink; it is a journey of discovery. Savor its silky texture as it glides over your tongue, revealing layers of complexity and depth. The lush fruitiness is complemented by delicate whispers of pineapple and mango, adding a sublime touch that enhances the passion fruit’s natural allure.

Whether enjoyed neat, over ice, or as a key ingredient in imaginative cocktails, Passoa brings a touch of sophistication to any occasion. Its versatility knows no bounds, inspiring mixologists and home enthusiasts alike to unleash their creativity and craft unique libations that showcase the essence of this extraordinary liqueur.

Indulge in the iconic Passion Fruit Martini, where Passoa mingles with premium vodka and a splash of zesty lime juice, creating a cocktail that exudes elegance and refinement. Or let your imagination soar as you experiment with Passoa, infusing it into sangrias, punches, and tropical concoctions that transport your guests to sun-soaked shores with every sip.

Passoa’s commitment to quality is unwavering. Each batch is meticulously crafted using only the finest passion fruit, sourced from lush, sun-drenched orchards, ensuring that every bottle encapsulates the true essence of this exotic fruit. Its production process combines traditional techniques with modern expertise, resulting in a liqueur that is as timeless as it is contemporary.

Whether you’re hosting a sophisticated soirée, celebrating a special occasion, or simply indulging in a moment of personal bliss, Passoa elevates every experience, adding a touch of passion and enchantment. Its luxurious presentation, adorned with elegant design and a nod to the tropical paradise it represents, makes it a stunning addition to any drinks cabinet or gift for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Embark on a sensory journey like no other, and let Passoa transport you to a world of passion, elegance, and pure indulgence. With each sip, you’ll be reminded that life is meant to be savored, and that the true essence of luxury lies in the simple pleasure of extraordinary flavors. Experience Passoa today and unlock the extraordinary.

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