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Mermaid Pink Gin 70cl


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Plump strawberries from the fertile Arreton Valley on the Isle of Wight are soaked in the smooth gin for four days. Afterward, they’re distilled again to give birth to Mermaid Pink Gin, boasting a fresh and intensely aromatic taste. Blending these sun-kissed strawberries with the complex yet smooth gin results in a refreshingly multi-dimensional drink, with a touch of coastal freshness from fragrant rock samphire.

It’s a modern-style pink gin, offering a smooth, revitalizing, and intricate character, all wrapped in a rosy tint. The scent bursts with fragrant strawberries, zesty citrus, and subtle juniper. The flavour delivers a lively berry experience with a warm spiciness and a hint of sea breeze. The journey concludes with a long, intricate finish, leaving a well-rounded sensation on the palate.

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Enjoy a Refreshingly Complex Gin with Mermaid Pink Gin 70cl

Are you looking for a unique and complex gin? If so, Mermaid Pink Gin 70cl is the perfect choice. Made with fresh Isle of Wight strawberries, this gin is steeped in our signature smooth gin for four days before being redistilled to create an intensely aromatic, fresh flavour. Add a hint of sea air from fragrant rock samphire and you have a refreshingly layered serve that is sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Whether you are an experienced connoisseur or just getting into the world of gins, you won’t be disappointed with Mermaid Pink Gin 70cl. Its contemporary style and rosy hue will draw you in, while its nose will fascinate and entice you with its aromatic strawberry notes, fresh citrus aromas, and subtle yet distinct juniper scent.

What sets Mermaid Pink Gin 70cl apart from other Gin in its class?

Mermaid Pink Gin 70cl stands out among other gins in its class due to its unique ingredients, crafted and blended with gin-lovers in mind. When tasting this pink Gin, Gin-lovers will first be greeted to aromas of juniper berry and blue vanilla flowers surrounded by waves of smoothness. Upon the first sip, subtle notes of elderflower and ruby red grapefruit add a wave of refreshment that can’t be found elsewhere. Mermaid Pink Gin 70cl provides Gin-lovers with an excitingly sophisticated drinking experience all their own.

How to best serve.

For those who like to savour their drinks, Mermaid Pink Gin 70cl can be enjoyed on its own over ice or with premium tonic water and garnished with fresh raspberries or strawberries to bring out its fruity notes for extra refreshment. It has all the sweet, yet tart notes of a classic Gin, but with an added twist of natural raspberry and rhubarb flavours to give it its unique taste. For those wanting something more adventurous, why not try making your own cocktails at home using only the finest ingredients, we recommend adding a few mint leaves alongside the berries for an even fresher and more vibrant taste? A classic gin sour or even a simple spritzer are all excellent choices for enjoying this smooth yet complex gin. Serve ice cold in glasses full of crushed ice for an unforgettable Gin experience!

However you decide to enjoy it, one thing’s for certain—Mermaid Pink Gin 70cl is sure to become your go-to drink of choice! So don’t wait any longer—order online today and get yourself a bottle of this exquisite pink gin!

So if you are looking for an exquisite tasting pink gin that boasts a contemporary style and smooth complexity then look no further than Mermaid Pink Gin 70cl! With its rosy hue, intense aromatics, and subtle yet distinct juniper aroma there is no doubt that this fine spirit will delight both novice drinkers and experienced connoisseurs alike. So don’t wait any longer—buy online today and start enjoying this refreshingly complex spirit!


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