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Mermaid Gin 70cl


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Mermaid Gin at 42% ABV has been hand-crafted on the Isle of Wight since 2014 using ten ethically sourced botanicals. Presented in a stunning eco-friendly bottle.

Mermaid Gin is a smooth yet complex blend of fresh organic lemon zest, the peppery notes in grains of paradise and a hint of sea air from fragrant rock samphire. Refreshing and invigorating.

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    London Dry
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    United Kingdom

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The Finest Gin for the Finest Occasions – Mermaid Gin 70cl

When you want the best, you don’t settle for anything else. That’s why Mermaid Gin is a gin that stands out from the rest. This smooth, yet complex blend of fresh organic lemon zest and peppery notes in grains of paradise gives it a unique taste. Its fragrant rock samphire adds a hint of sea air making this gin refreshing and invigorating. Hand-crafted on the Isle of Wight since 2014 using ten ethically sourced botanicals and presented in an eco-friendly bottle, Mermaid Gin is your go-to for any special occasion.

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or just looking to treat yourself after a long day, Mermaid Gin is perfect for any situation. Its 42% ABV strength makes it ideal for mixing with tonic water or as an ingredient in your favourite cocktail recipes. Each sip will leave you feeling refreshed and energised as its complex flavour profile lingers on your palate. With so many uses and applications, it’s no wonder why Mermaid Gin has become one of the most popular gins on the market today!

What sets Mermaid Gin 70cl apart from other Gin in its class?

Mermaid Gin 70cl is a special and unique product sure to pique the interest of gin lovers everywhere. Distilled in Scotland, this first-of-its-kind Gin is infused with 11 Scottish sea botanicals, offering a truly distinct flavour that cannot be found anywhere else. This Gin has a smooth finish, making it perfect for both sipping and creating classic cocktails, giving Gin aficionados an amazing new experience they won’t find elsewhere. Mermaid Gin 70cl truly stands out amongst its peers and is becoming the gin of choice for those looking to elevate their enjoyment of this delightful spirit.

How to best serve.

With its distinct, uniquely smooth taste and lovely blue hue, there is no surprise that it has become a favourite for many. To ensure the best experience when serving this delightful Gin, mix one part Gin to two parts tonic and garnish with lemon slices or cucumber ribbons. Pick your own flavoured tonic if desired, as combining with other cocktails will bring delightful results. Serve chilled or over ice to bring out all of its fantastic flavours, allowing Gin lovers to appreciate Mermaid Gin 70cl’s unique character.

For those who want an elevated drinking experience, look no further than Mermaid Gin 70cl! Enjoy its smooth yet complex blend of fresh organic lemon zest, peppery notes in grains of paradise, and fragrant rock samphire for a refreshing and revitalising taste that lingers on your tongue. Upgrade your home bar with this exquisite spirit today and experience the Mermaid difference first hand!


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