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Martell V.S. Cognac 70cl



Shining with a golden hue, this Cognac offers delightful hints of plum, apricot, and candied lemon in its aroma. Its fruity richness on the palate and its smooth texture make it an excellent choice for sipping in tall drinks or crafting cognac cocktails.

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Introducing Martell V.S. Cognac

Martell V.S. Cognac is a bright golden cognac that has pleasant notes of plum, apricot, and candied lemon. It’s perfect for mixing in long drinks or cocktails. Order online today and enjoy next-level cognac flavour!

How to serve

There are many ways to enjoy Martell V.S. Cognac. It can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or mixed into a variety of cocktails. However, one of the best ways to enjoy this fine cognac is by pairing it with rums of different ages and styles. The rums help to bring out the complex flavours of the cognac, and the different aged rums provide a range of flavours that can be enjoyed with each sip. When choosing rums to pair with Martell V.S. Cognac, it is important to select rums that are not too heavy or sweet. This will allow the delicate flavours of the cognac to shine through. With a little experimentation, you can find the perfect rum pairing that will enhance your enjoyment of this fine cognac.

What sets it apart from other Cognac in its class?

Martell V.S. Cognac is made with a blend of rums that are at least two years old. The rums are then aged in French oak barrels for six to eight months. This ageing process gives the cognac its distinctive flavour and aroma. Martell V.S. Cognac is smooth and full-bodied, with notes of fruit, vanilla, and spices. It is perfect for sipping on its own or mixing into cocktails. Thanks to its superior quality, Martell V.S. Cognac sets itself apart from other cognacs on the market.


Martell V.S. Cognac is the perfect drink for cognac lovers who enjoy mixed drinks and cocktails. The nose is full of pleasant aromas while the palate delivers rich fruit flavours. It has a high ABV of 40%, so it’s perfect for sipping slowly. Order your bottle today!

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