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Marmalade Old Tom Gin 70cl



A much-loved treat of Anne Boleyn and her ladies in waiting, marmalade has been a British breakfast tradition for a long time. Pocketful of Stones took the classic Seville Orange flavour, distilled it with a delightful mix of botanicals, infused more Seville Orange peel, and added a touch of sweetness. The result is a modern, citrus-forward gin that pays homage to British tradition.

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Taste the Rich History of Britain with Marmalade Old Tom Gin 70cl

Do you have a passion for gin? If so, then we’d like to introduce you to Marmalade Old Tom Gin 70cl. This contemporary gin was created using a combination of botanicals and Seville Orange peel, giving it a citrus-forward flavour that will transport you through centuries of British tradition.

Marmalade Old Tom Gin offers an experience like no other. Its unique flavour comes from the marmalade – a favourite treat of Anne Boleyn and her ladies in waiting. The Seville Orange is an archetypal flavour of Britain that has been enjoyed for centuries, and now it can be savoured in this delightful gin. The addition of botanicals helps to bring out its sweetness, resulting in a pleasant balance that will please even the most discerning palette.

What sets it apart from other Gin in its class?

Marmalade Old Tom Gin 70cl is the perfect choice for Gin lovers looking for something unique. Distilled in Scotland using Seville oranges, Edinburgh Tea and Juniper berries, Marmalade Old Tom Gin has a distinct citrusy aroma and flavour combined with subtle spices which make it stand out from its counterparts. Not only does the Gin offer a rich amalgamation of tastes, but is stored in an unmistakable transparent bottle decorated with a vintage label, making it one of the most attractive Gin choices around. With Marmalade Old Tom Gin 70cl on your shelf or in your glass, you can be sure to experience a truly extraordinary Gin that stands apart from all the other Gins in its class.

How to best serve.

Gin lovers know that Marmalade Old Tom Gin 70cl is a superb gin. The citrus notes bring a delightful zestiness to the gin, and it pairs perfectly with all kinds of mixers. For best results, serve the Gin 70cl over ice to really draw out its complex flavours, or try mixing with tonic and garnishing with fresh orange peel for a truly delicious experience. Gin connoisseurs can also experiment by adding Marmalade Old Tom Gin 70cl into their favourite cocktails – the results are sure to satisfy even the most discerning palates!

Whether you’re looking for something to enjoy at home or searching for the perfect gift for your favourite gin lover, Marmalade Old Tom Gin 70cl is sure to make an excellent choice. It’s infused with botanicals, Seville Orange peel, and just enough sweetness to make it stand out from the crowd – all while evoking centuries-old British tradition. Order it online or purchase it directly from us today and discover why this classic flavour has stood the test of time! You won’t be disappointed by its rich history and robust flavour,

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