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Malfy Originale Gin 70cl



We invite you to indulge in Malfy’s classic ‘dry’ style gin. The finest botanicals, hand-picked juniper and sun-ripened Italian lemons are blended together with water from the Piedmont region of to give that authentic taste, made for you to enjoy.

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Malfy Originale Gin 70cl – Italy’s Finest Gin

Are you looking for an authentic Italian gin? Look no further than Malfy Originale Gin 70cl. This classic dry style gin uses only the finest botanicals, hand-picked juniper and sun-ripened Italian lemons, and is blended with water from the Piedmont region for that unmistakable Italian taste. Treat yourself to this unique and flavorful gin today! Buy Malfy Originale Gin 70cl and enjoy Italy’s finest gin!

What Makes This Gin Special?

Malfy Originale Gin 70cl stands out among other gins due to its unique flavour profile you simply won’t find anywhere else. The combination of hand-picked juniper berries, sun-ripened Italian lemons, and water from the Piedmont region creates a one-of-a-kind flavour that can’t be found in any other gin. It has an unbeatable smoothness made possible due to the distillation process itself which is the highest grade of carefully-selected ingredients found in Italy’s finest fields and orchards. In short: this market is both taste-wise and quality-wise, so pick up a bottle and prepare to be wowed!

How to Serve Best

Gin lovers rejoice: Malfy Originale Gin 70cl. This delicious drink can be best served for any occasion and is sure to leave an impression. Best enjoyed on the rocks with a splash of tonic, a slice of lemon, and a sprig of rosemary, it will surely tantalise the taste buds of all your guests. And there’s nothing more satisfying than enjoying a gin tailored to perfection for your next gathering!


Whether you’re looking for something new to add to your bar cart or just want to experience the unique flavour of an authentic Italian gin, look no further than Malfy Originale Gin 70cl. With its smooth finish and distinctive taste, this classic dry style gin is sure to please everyone who tries it. So order yours today and get ready to experience Italy in a bottle!

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