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Makers Mark Kentucky Straight Bourbon 70cl



This one revolutionized the way we view bourbon, all because one man reconsidered how to make it. Bill Samuels, Sr., simply wanted a whisky he’d enjoy drinking. Never harsh or biting, Maker’s Mark® is crafted with soft red winter wheat instead of the usual rye, creating a distinctive, full-flavoured bourbon that goes down smoothly.

To maintain consistency, they manually rotate every barrel and age their bourbon based on taste, not a predetermined time. Each bottle of Maker’s® is still dipped by hand in our iconic red wax at our distillery in Loretto, Kentucky, just as Bill, Sr., would have wished.

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Introducing Maker’s Mark Bourbon, a timeless masterpiece born from a relentless pursuit of perfection and a steadfast commitment to quality. For over six decades, Maker’s Mark has remained an icon of American whiskey, captivating connoisseurs with its distinctive flavor profile and unmistakable red wax-dipped bottle.

Maker’s Mark begins its extraordinary journey with the selection of only the finest ingredients. Each batch of this small-batch bourbon is crafted from a meticulously chosen blend of corn, malted barley, and red winter wheat. This unique combination, known as the “mash bill,” sets Maker’s Mark apart, imparting a smoothness and complexity that is cherished by whiskey enthusiasts worldwide.

The production process is a testament to the time-honored traditions upheld by the Maker’s Mark distillery. The grains are ground, cooked, and fermented with a carefully cultivated strain of yeast, allowing the natural flavors to develop and mature. The distillation takes place in traditional copper pot stills, capturing the essence of the spirit and refining it to perfection.

What sets Maker’s Mark apart is its commitment to consistency and craftsmanship. Every barrel of Maker’s Mark is aged to taste, not to a specific time frame, ensuring that only the finest quality whiskey is bottled. The oak barrels, carefully charred on the inside, breathe life into the spirit, infusing it with rich caramel, vanilla, and oak flavors that develop over years of maturation.

The color of Maker’s Mark is a deep amber, a testament to the time spent aging in the barrel. Its aroma is a harmonious blend of caramel, vanilla, and hints of toasted oak, inviting you to indulge in its enticing bouquet.

With the first sip, Maker’s Mark envelops your palate in a symphony of flavors. The rich, full-bodied whiskey dances across your tongue, revealing notes of caramel, toffee, and vanilla. The warmth of the spices complements the sweetness, while the oak undertones provide depth and complexity. The finish is long and satisfying, leaving a lingering impression that beckons you to savor another sip.

Maker’s Mark is not just a bourbon; it is an emblem of heritage and tradition. Its iconic red wax-dipped bottle is a symbol of uncompromising quality and attention to detail. Each bottle is hand-dipped, a time-consuming process that showcases the dedication of the craftsmen behind this remarkable spirit.

Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as the base of a classic cocktail, Maker’s Mark transcends the ordinary and elevates any occasion. Its versatility and exceptional flavor profile have made it a favorite among whiskey enthusiasts, bartenders, and collectors alike.

Experience the legacy and artistry of Maker’s Mark Bourbon, and let its smoothness and character transport you to the heart of Kentucky, where time-honored traditions and passion for whiskey converge. Unleash your palate and savor the craftsmanship that has made Maker’s Mark a true American classic.

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