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Knob Creek 9 Year Old Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon 70cl



When it comes to crafting Knob Creek Bourbon, there’s plenty of waiting, but the distillers are far from idle. As each barrel matures in white oak, they maintain their dedication to rich flavour. The outcome? A steadfast harmony of bold, pre-Prohibition-style bourbon boasting strong oak notes, alongside gentle hints of creamy vanilla and layered caramel.

Additional information

  • Brand
    Knob Creek
  • Bottle Size
  • ABV
    50.0 %
  • Age
    9 Years
  • Country
    United States

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Introducing Knob Creek Bourbon, an embodiment of tradition, craftsmanship, and the pursuit of perfection. Born in the heartland of America, this exceptional bourbon stands as a testament to the rich heritage and time-honored distilling techniques that have made Kentucky famous.

From the moment the amber liquid fills your glass, the allure of Knob Creek Bourbon is undeniable. Its deep, warm color hints at the depth of character that awaits. The nose is greeted with a symphony of aromas—notes of caramel, vanilla, and toasted oak intertwine, inviting you to take a sip and discover the full-bodied experience that lies within.

As the bourbon caresses your palate, a chorus of flavors unfolds. Rich, sweet caramel dances harmoniously with velvety vanilla, indulging your taste buds in a delightful embrace. The meticulously charred oak barrels used in aging impart deep, smoky undertones and a complexity that rewards the discerning palate. A whisper of spices adds depth and a touch of intrigue, leaving a lasting impression that lingers long after each sip.

Crafted in small batches, Knob Creek Bourbon pays homage to the time-honored traditions of the past while embracing the desires of the modern whiskey enthusiast. Aged for a minimum of nine years, this bourbon embodies patience and attention to detail, allowing the flavors to mature and harmonize, resulting in an unparalleled smoothness and richness.

With every sip, you become immersed in the legacy of the Beam family, whose passion for bourbon has been passed down through generations. Their unwavering commitment to quality shines through in every bottle of Knob Creek, a testament to their dedication and expertise.

Knob Creek Bourbon is not simply a drink; it is an experience—an invitation to savor the moments that matter most. Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or in classic cocktails like the Old Fashioned, Knob Creek Bourbon stands as a symbol of refinement, elevating any occasion to a new level of sophistication.

So, raise your glass and embrace the extraordinary. Let the warmth of Knob Creek Bourbon envelop your senses and transport you to the heart of America’s bourbon country. Immerse yourself in the legacy, tradition, and unparalleled craftsmanship that have made Knob Creek Bourbon a true icon among whiskey connoisseurs.

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