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King’s Hill Gin is created from a meticulous blend of twelve finely curated botanicals, combined in perfect harmony and distilled in a traditional Copper Alembic Still, named ‘Marion’. The Pentland Hills, near Edinburgh, offers an abundance of diverse natural resources. Gorse Flower, Heather, Wild Rosehip and Elderflower are painstakingly foraged by hand, dried and vapour infused in a copper basket during distillation.

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    King's Hill
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    London Dry
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King’s Hill Gin – A Royal Experience

Are you looking for the perfect gin to add a spark of luxury to your evening? Look no further than King’s Hill Gin. This exquisite handcrafted gin is created from twelve carefully selected botanicals and distilled in a traditional Copper Alembic Still. From the Pentland Hills near Edinburgh, Scotland, this gin offers an abundance of natural resources and provides a royal experience that you won’t soon forget. Let’s take a closer look at what makes King’s Hill Gin so special.

The Botanicals

King’s Hill Gin is made up of twelve meticulously curated botanicals, each contributing its own unique flavour to the mix. Gorse Flower, Heather, Wild Rosehip and Elderflower are all sourced by hand from the beautiful Pentland Hills near Edinburgh and then dried before vapour-infusing in copper baskets during distillation. The result is an unparalleled blend of flavours that give King’s Hill Gin its signature taste. It’s easy to see why this gin has become such a popular choice among gin lovers!

The Distilling Process

The distillation process itself is just as important as the ingredients used to create it—and with King’s Hill Gin, they have spared no expense in making sure their product is top-notch quality. Every batch is distilled using Marion, their traditional Copper Alembic Still which produces a slow vapour infusion method that allows for maximum extraction of flavours from the botanicals without being overly harsh on the palate. The result? Premium quality gin with an incredibly smooth finish that will keep you coming back for more!

The Packaging

As if the impeccable taste wasn’t enough, King’s Hill Gin also comes beautifully packaged in an eye-catching bottle adorned with intricate gold detailing—the perfect gift for any gin lover or avid collector! Whether you’re looking for something special to share with friends or just want to treat yourself to something truly luxurious, King’s Hill Gin 70cl should definitely be your go-to choice.

What sets it apart from other Gin in its class?

Gin lovers will appreciate the thought that has gone into the craftsmanship of King’s Hill Gin 70cl. The brand takes pride in sourcing quality ingredients from across the globe and expertly blending them for a unique Gin that delivers a complexity of flavours – from juniper, lemon peel and licorice to aromatic spices. What truly sets King’s Hill Gin 70cl apart from other Gin in its class is the special attention paid to ensuring each bottle features an uncompromising balance of classic botanicals perfectly merged together for an exceptionally smooth finish with less harsh juniper notes found in other Gin styles.

How to best serve.

King’s Hill Gin 70cl should be served well-chilled, providing a smooth and enjoyable experience for any gin lover. Gin connoisseurs will love the dozens of botanicals found in this distinct Gin, producing a fresh and fruity flavour that pairs well with tonic or elderflower. Pour King’s Hill Gin 70cl over plenty of ice to further enhance its taste and create a refreshing concoction for any occasion. Enjoy its unique citrus notes that bring unparalleled depth and character to every sip, making it an ideal choice for all Gin drinkers out there.


King’s Hill Gin 70cl is truly one-of-a-kind when it comes to premium gins. From its meticulously selected botanicals sourced from nature’s bounty in Scotland’s Pentland Hills to its slow vapour infusion method perfected by their traditional Copper Alembic Still—Marion—this delicious spirit can be enjoyed neat or mixed into your favourite cocktail for an extra boost of flavour and sophistication! Not only that but it also comes packaged beautifully in an eye-catching bottle adorned with intricate gold detailing—making it the perfect gift for any true gin lover or avid collector alike! So why not indulge yourself today and make every sip count with King’s Hill Gin 70cl? You won’t regret it!


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