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Jungfrau Herbal Schnapps 70cl



Created from a mysterious blend of forty carefully selected herbs and spices, Jungfrau is an authentic German Schnapps and party favourite.

Fuelled by a sense of adventure and good times, Jungfrau champions boldness, guaranteeing legendary nights and memorable occasions! Available in 30% and 22% ABV, it’s perfect for any occasion.

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Jungfrau Herbal Schnapps is a type of schnapps that is produced in Switzerland. It is a clear and colorless spirit that is made from a blend of neutral grain alcohol and a variety of herbs and botanicals, including chamomile, gentian, and wormwood.

The name “Jungfrau” is derived from the famous mountain peak in the Swiss Alps, which translates to “virgin” in English. The brand was first established in 1898 and has since become a popular choice for those seeking a traditional Swiss schnapps.

Jungfrau Herbal Schnapps has a distinct and complex flavor profile, with a strong herbal aroma and a slightly bitter taste. It is often served as an aperitif or a digestif, and can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or mixed into cocktails.

In addition to its use as a beverage, Jungfrau Herbal Schnapps has also been used in traditional Swiss cuisine. It is sometimes added to cheese fondue or raclette to enhance the flavor and cut through the richness of the cheese.

Overall, Jungfrau Herbal Schnapps is a well-known and respected brand of Swiss schnapps. Its unique flavor and versatility make it a popular choice for those seeking a taste of traditional Swiss culture.

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  1. Andrea H.

    I really like the strong herbal smell and the slightly bitter taste. It's the perfect drink for my quiet moments.

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