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Jim Beam ‘Red Stag’ Black Cherry Whiskey 70cl



With the perfect balance of dark cherry and bourbon flavors, Red Stag by Jim Beam has a warm, smooth finish that’s great on its own, mixed with cola or blended with iced tea and lemonade.

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  • Brand
    Jim Beam
  • Flavour
    Black Cherry
  • Bottle Size
  • ABV
  • Country
    United States

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Indulge in the Unforgettable Symphony of Flavors: Jim Beam Red Stag – A Captivating Fusion of Kentucky Straight Bourbon and Natural Black Cherry Infusion

Introducing Jim Beam Red Stag, a remarkable bourbon experience that pushes the boundaries of flavor and craftsmanship. This extraordinary creation seamlessly blends the iconic smoothness of Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon with the luscious allure of natural black cherry, resulting in a whiskey that is both bold and irresistibly indulgent.

At the heart of Jim Beam Red Stag lies the heritage and commitment to quality that has made Jim Beam a respected name in the world of bourbon. With over two centuries of bourbon-making expertise, Jim Beam has perfected the art of crafting exceptional spirits that embody the true essence of Kentucky.

The journey begins with the finest ingredients, including the signature corn, rye, and malted barley used in the production of Jim Beam Bourbon. This classic blend of grains is distilled in traditional copper stills, capturing the essence of time-honored bourbon-making techniques and ensuring the legendary smoothness that is synonymous with Jim Beam.

In a stroke of creative inspiration, Jim Beam expertly infuses their beloved bourbon with the natural essence of ripe black cherries. The result is a captivating fusion where the velvety richness of Jim Beam meets the sweet and tangy allure of black cherry. This harmonious marriage creates a whiskey experience that is truly unforgettable, tantalizing the senses with its complexity and depth.

As you pour Jim Beam Red Stag into your glass, a captivating aroma fills the air. The scent of oak, vanilla, and a hint of ripe cherries intermingle, enticing you to embrace the extraordinary experience that awaits. The whiskey glistens with a deep amber hue, reflecting its exceptional quality and the rich flavors that lie within.

With the first sip, Jim Beam Red Stag dances on your palate, delivering a symphony of flavors that tantalize and delight. The smooth and robust character of the bourbon is complemented by the vibrant burst of black cherry, creating a perfect balance of sweetness and depth. The combination of classic bourbon notes with the natural fruit infusion creates a truly unique taste that lingers, leaving a lasting impression.

Jim Beam Red Stag is a versatile spirit that can be enjoyed in various ways. Savor it neat or on the rocks to fully appreciate the intricate interplay of bourbon and black cherry. Unleash your creativity by incorporating it into a range of cocktails, from classic favorites to innovative concoctions that showcase its exceptional flavor profile.

Every bottle of Jim Beam Red Stag is a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation and pushing the boundaries of bourbon craftsmanship. Crafted with care and precision, this exceptional spirit showcases the artistry of the master distillers who continue to redefine what is possible in the world of whiskey.

So, indulge in the captivating fusion of Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon and natural black cherry. Raise a glass of Jim Beam Red Stag and immerse yourself in the extraordinary symphony of flavors that marries the rich heritage of bourbon with the allure of black cherry. Experience a whiskey journey that combines boldness, indulgence, and the unmistakable craftsmanship of Jim Beam.

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