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Jack Rabbit White Zinfandel 2021 75cl



Jack Rabbit is one of the most popular wines in the On-Trade in the UK, and since hopping into market in 2004 has been serving up easy-to-drink wines that are fruity and full of flavour.

Fun, individual, modern, quirky and cheeky, with a dash of sophistication – Jack Rabbit is a wine that you can be on first name terms with.

Jack Rabbit White Zinfandel is a refreshing rosé with fresh strawberry flavours and a delightfully sweet taste. Ideal if you like your rosé wine light and fruity.

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  • Brand
    Jack Rabbit
  • Bottle Size
  • ABV
  • Grape
  • Country
    United States

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  1. Roger Barrett

    Someone told us how good this wine is, and they were right. It's the best rose wine I've had, and I've tried quite a few! The price is very good, and it's well packed for delivery. I'm definitely ordering more of this.

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