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Haig Club Mediterranean Orange Whisky 70cl



Haig Club Mediterranean Orange Spirit Drink is created using single grain Scotch whisky and real orange flavours. It boasts a skilful blend of citrus and floral notes that smoothly shift into the refreshing taste of juicy orange peel and orange blossom. The delightful hints of sweet orange marmalade beautifully complement the signature smoothness of Haig Clubman.

For the best experience, mix it with Lemonade over ice and add a slice of orange for a revitalizing citrus treat. It’s the perfect choice for a sunset occasion.

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Introducing Haig Club Orange: A Vibrant Symphony of Citrus and Whisky Fusion

Haig Club Orange is a remarkable expression of whisky craftsmanship that combines the richness and complexity of Scotch whisky with the vibrant allure of zesty oranges. This unique and captivating spirit invites you to embark on a sensory journey that celebrates the perfect balance between citrusy freshness and the timeless elegance of whisky.

The foundation of Haig Club Orange is rooted in the exceptional Single Grain Scotch Whiskies from Cameronbridge Distillery, renowned for its dedication to traditional distillation methods and unwavering commitment to quality. These carefully selected whiskies form the canvas upon which the vibrant citrus flavors will dance, creating a harmonious blend that is both exciting and refined.

At the heart of this extraordinary whisky is a masterful infusion of natural orange essence, extracted from the finest, sun-ripened oranges. The infusion process is meticulously managed, ensuring that the vibrant citrus notes delicately integrate with the whisky’s rich character, preserving its integrity and complexity.

Upon opening the bottle, your senses are greeted with a tantalizing bouquet of fresh orange zest and the unmistakable aroma of Scotch whisky. The aroma is invigorating, reminiscent of sunny groves filled with ripe oranges, mingling with hints of vanilla and subtle spice. This olfactory symphony sets the stage for the exceptional taste experience that awaits.

With each sip, Haig Club Orange reveals a multi-layered flavor profile that is at once invigorating and harmonious. The first notes on the palate are a burst of juicy oranges, enlivening the senses and creating a refreshing sensation. This citrusy brightness is beautifully complemented by the whisky’s underlying depth, offering a delicate balance of sweet vanilla, toffee, and a gentle hint of oak. The silky texture caresses the tongue, delivering a smooth and satisfying finish that leaves a lingering warmth, reminiscent of a summer sunset.

Haig Club Orange transcends traditional whisky boundaries, inviting you to explore new and exciting ways to enjoy this vibrant elixir. Whether savored neat, over ice, or as the star ingredient in innovative cocktails, the versatility of Haig Club Orange shines through, elevating every sip and inspiring moments of celebration and creativity.

Presented in an elegant, translucent bottle adorned with an orange hue that reflects the spirit’s zestful character, Haig Club Orange is a visual masterpiece that commands attention. Its sleek silhouette and contemporary design perfectly capture the spirit’s fusion of tradition and modernity, making it a statement piece for any whisky enthusiast’s collection.

Haig Club Orange is not just a whisky; it is an embodiment of audacious creativity and the spirit of exploration. It encapsulates the essence of bold flavor innovation, inviting you to embark on a journey of sensory discovery. With each sip, you unlock a world of vibrant citrus and whisky fusion, immersing yourself in a symphony of taste that is both timeless and exhilarating. Experience the captivating allure of Haig Club Orange and reimagine what whisky can be.

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