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Dr. Squid ‘Colour Changing’ Gin 70cl



This unique addition is served from a copper flask engraved with scenes, wildlife, folklore, and history surrounding the distillery.

Squid Ink is such a potent ingredient that only a small amount is needed for both distilling and adding color or infusion to the gin. Vanilla was included in the recipe base to give a well-rounded mouthfeel and perceived sweetness, along with sea buckthorn for a tart, fresh fruit finish.

Dr Squid looks black and turns a vivid pink when mixed with tonic. It also makes a great Gin Mule when poured over crushed ice and ginger beer.

Please note: All ‘Dr Squid’ bottles are different and intentionally have scratches and scuffs to enhance product character. This isn’t damage; it’s the design of the bottle.

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  • Brand
    Dr. Squid
  • Flavour
    London Dry
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Dr. Squid ‘Colour Changing’ Gin 70cl, A Unique Experience

If you’re looking for a gin that is like no other, then look no further than the unique and captivating Dr. Squid ‘Colour Changing’ Gin 70cl. This unique addition is served from a copper flask engraved with the scenery, wildlife, folklore and history that surrounds the distillery. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this one-of-a-kind gin so special.

Distilled to Perfection

The Dr. Squid ‘Colour Changing’ Gin 70cl is distilled with Squid Ink, an ingredient so powerful that only a minimal amount is necessary for both the distilling and colour or infusion of the gin. There’s also vanilla added to the base of the recipe to give it a well rounded mouthfeel and perceived sweetness, plus sea buckthorn for a tart, fresh fruit finish.

Unique Presentation

All bottles of Dr. Squid are different from each other and have intentional scratches and scuffs to increase product character—and no, these are not damaged but rather part of the original design of this eye-catching bottle! This bottle was made with care by artisans in Scotland who wanted to create something beautiful and unique just for you.

What sets it apart from other Gin in its class?

Dr. Squid ‘Colour Changing’ Gin 70cl is a catchy Gin, setting itself apart from all those in its class. Composed of a delicate blend of botanicals that create a unique aroma and flavour profile, this Gin is certain to be the unique experience you’ve been searching for. Its most impressive feature, however, is its colour changing capabilities – this Gin undergoes a fascinating transformation when it comes into contact with a garnish or other acidic mixer; watch as the Gin changes to become a beautiful shade of pink! An exquisite addition to any occasion, Dr. Squid ‘Colour Changing’ Gin 70cl isn’t just another Gin – it’s an extraordinary experience.

How to best serve.

Dr. Squid’s ‘Colour Changing’ Gin is the perfect choice for Gin lovers. With its unique flavour profile and eye-catching presentation, it is unlike any other gin out there today! Its carefully crafted ingredients make it a spectacular experience while its one-of-a-kind bottle ensures it stands out from the crowd. Not only does it offer a great taste, but its unique changing colour makes it a truly remarkable Gin. Serving this Gin should be done with reverence; chill the Gin to the desired temperature and pour into a chilled glass and let it sit for 1 minute so its precise colour and flavour can be appreciated. Don’t wait any longer; buy your own bottle today!


Product Reviews

  1. Timmy

    Fantastic bottle and amazing gin. It's definitely a social drink because of the colour and flavour. The tin it comes in is stunning, and now I'm using it as an oil dispenser in my kitchen - far too spectacular to throw away. It makes a really good gift as both the tin and the gin are of very good quality.

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