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Dom Perignon 2013 Vintage Champagne 75cl



On the nose, you’ll catch lemon zest and greengage, along with a toasty hazelnut hint underneath. With some air, notes of spiced orange peel emerge, and flavours of crisp green apple and acacia dance on your tongue, all complemented by fine bubbles. The 2013 Dom Perignon Vintage is highly coveted, especially now that the 2010 vintage is running out, making it even more popular.

Additional information

  • Brand
    Dom Perignon
  • Bottle Size
  • ABV
    12.5 %
  • Age
  • Grape
    Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir
  • Country

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Dom Perignon 2013 Vintage Champagne with Gift Box

Champagne lovers, rejoice! The incomparable Dom Perignon 2012 Vintage Champagne with Gift Box is available now. This exceptional champagne is lemon zest and greengage on the nose, with a toasted-hazelnut quality underneath. Hints of spiced orange peel come through with a little aeration, as well as flavours of crunchy green apple and acacia that bounce off the tongue, with a remarkably fine effervesce throughout.
Dom Perignon’s 2013 Vintage is extremely sought after. Now the 2010 vintage is running low, it becomes ever more popular. So don’t wait to order your own bottle today!

Fun Facts

It may come as a surprise to some, but champagne was not always a staple at parties and weddings. In fact, it was accidentally invented by Dom Perignon, a Benedictine monk in the 17th century. Despite initially being dismayed by the bubbles in his “ruined” wine, he eventually came to embrace and perfect the method of creating them.

Dom Perignon 2013 Vintage Champagne was first created in 1936 by Chef de Cave Richard Geoffroy, and it’s named after the Benedictine monk who invented champagne! So next time you pop open a bottle of champagne, raise a glass to the inventive monk who inadvertently revolutionized the world of fine wines. Cheers!

How to Store

Great champagne like the renowned Dom Perignon 2013 Vintage deserves proper storage in order to maintain its delicious taste and sparkling appearance. It should be kept in a cool, dark place, away from sunlight and fluctuating temperatures. Ideally, the temperature should not exceed 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

What sets it apart from other Champagnes in its class?

What sets this champagne apart is its unique flavour profile and unparalleled effervescence. This champagne is truly in a class of its own. Famous cocktails that include Dom Perignon 2012 Vintage Champagne are the French 75 and the Vesper Martini but we think this champagne is best enjoyed on its own so that you can fully appreciate all of its complexities.


The Dom Perignon 2013 Vintage Champagne with Gift Box is a must-have for any celebration. The bottle itself is beautiful, with a sleek design and golden accents. But the true beauty lies in the taste. The champagne has notes of almonds and brioche, followed by a creamy finish. It pairs beautifully with seafood dishes, but can also be enjoyed on its own. The gift box adds an extra touch of luxury and makes it the perfect present for any special occasion. Overall, the Dom Perignon 2012 Vintage Champagne with Gift Box is a top-notch choice for anyone looking to add some class to their festivities.

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