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Chase Spirit Selection Collection Book 5cl x3



These handcrafted spirits are certain to excite any mixologist. 3 x 5cl bottles held in an excellent Union Jack Book – the perfect gift for any british cocktail lover!


  • 1 x 5cl Williams Chase Elegant 48 Gin (48%)
  • 1 x 5cl Chase Marmalade Vodka (40%)
  • 1 x 5cl Chase Original Potato Vodka (40%)


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The Perfect Gift for Gin Lovers – Chase Spirit Selection Collection Book 5cl x3

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a gin lover? Look no further than the Chase Spirit Selection Collection Book 5cl x3! This handcrafted gin collection is sure to excite any mixologist. It includes three 5cl bottles of award-winning spirits, all held in an attractive Union Jack book. Keep reading to find out more about this special collection.

Williams Chase Elegant 48 Gin (48%) is a London Dry Gin that combines juniper berries, angelica root, and other botanicals to create a unique flavor. It was awarded a gold medal at the International Spirits Challenge in 2017. Out of all three spirits included in this collection, it has the highest ABV at 48%.

Chase Marmalade Vodka (40%) is made from Seville oranges grown on the family farm in Herefordshire, England. It’s infused with real marmalade to create a smooth and zesty spirit with notes of orange peel and vanilla. It’s also vegan and gluten free!

Chase Original Potato Vodka (40%) is made using English potatoes grown on their family farm and distilled four times using copper pot stills to ensure it has an exceptionally smooth taste. It won a Platinum Medal at the 2013 SIP Awards and a Gold Medal at The Vodka Masters 2014.

Chase Pink Grapefruit & Pomelo Gin (40%) combines pink grapefruit, pomelo, juniper berries, cardamom, coriander seeds and citrus peels to create an invigorating blend with delicate sweet flavours. This gin was awarded double gold medals at both San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2019 and SIP Awards 2019!

What set these apart from other Gin in its class?

Gin lovers will appreciate the unique character of Chase Spirit Selection Collection Book 5cl x3. Featuring fruity, juniper-led botanical flavours with a hint of sweetness, it sets itself apart from other Gin in its class thanks to its flavouring from elderflower and pomelo peel. Additionally, it offers an indulgent finish with a slight spice for a balanced and intoxicating Gin experience. With its standout flavour profile and reasonable price point, it’s no wonder that this Gin is becoming increasingly popular among Gin aficionados everywhere.

If you’re looking for something special to give your favourite gin lover, then look no further than the Chase Spirit Selection Collection Book 5cl x3! With three handcrafted spirits of varying strengths and delicious flavours all held in a stylish Union Jack book, this collection is sure to be appreciated by any discerning gin enthusiast. So what are you waiting for? Head over to our online store today and order your own set now!

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