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Chase Raspberry & Basil Gin 70cl



A fruity and herbaceous gin that marries our award-winning GB Gin with raspberry and aromatic basil to create a spirit that is bursting with natural flavour.

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The Perfect Blend of Fruity and Herbaceous: Chase Raspberry & Basil Gin 70cl

At first sip, you’ll find yourself captivated by the perfect blend of fruity and herbaceous flavours found in Chase Raspberry & Basil Gin 70cl. This gin is crafted with our award-winning GB Gin and infused with natural raspberry and aromatic basil to create a spirit that is bursting with flavour.

Aroma & Taste Profile

Chase Raspberry & Basil Gin 70cl has a smooth sweetness that comes from the combination of ripe raspberries and the subtle hint of basil on the nose. On the palate, its floral notes are complemented by a hint of juniper, giving way to a unique balance of sweet-tart fruitiness. This gin has an exceptionally smooth finish that lingers on your tongue.

What sets it apart from other Gin in its class?

Things just got a whole lot more exciting for gin lovers! Introducing Chase Raspberry & Basil Gin 70cl – the Gin that sets itself apart from the rest. This Gin combines two of nature’s most delicious flavours – raspberry and basil – resulting in a unique taste experience. Perfect for cocktails and occasions where you truly want to impress your guests, this Gin is sure to make its way into your home bar in no time. So go on and try it out – life’s too short not to explore what makes Chase Raspberry & Basil Gin 70cl the ultimate Gin of choice!

How to Best Serve

Gin lovers rejoice! Chase’s Raspberry & Basil Gin 70cl was made with you in mind. Enjoy its unique flavour by trying it neat over a large chunk of ice, or mix it up in a classic Gin & Tonic. The Gin has strong floral and botanical bases, so be sure to use fresh fruit and herbs when paired to maximise its potential! A splash of ginger beer can make this Gin really sing – the perfect tipple for a warm summer night.


If you’re looking for a ginfused with natural fruit flavours, then Chase Raspberry & Basil Gin 70cl should be your go-to choice! With its perfectly balanced aroma and taste profile, this gin will tantalise your taste buds like no other. So don’t miss out – head over to our online store today and purchase this exquisite spirit! You won’t regret it!

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