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Campari Italian Bitter Liqueur 70cl



The unique and intense nature of Campari’s vibrant red colour and multi-layered, bitter taste is the trademark of a connoisseur, stimulating the senses through a captivating visual and taste experience. Campari is more than an aperitif. A contemporary classic and the embodiment of creative passion through a rich heritage, it stimulates the senses beyond the drink itself, offering a timeless style, magnetic charm and ever-evolving story that captivates and intrigues.

“The recipe is so beautifully balanced that upon removing even the last ingredient of the list, the whole liquid would fall apart” – Bruno Malavasi, Herbalist & Master Blender Italian Icons.

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Campari is a popular Italian bitter liqueur that is commonly used in cocktails. It was created in 1860 by Gaspare Campari, who was a bartender in Milan, Italy. Campari is made by infusing a secret blend of herbs and spices in alcohol and water, which is then sweetened with sugar.

Campari has a distinctive bitter taste that is balanced by a sweet and fruity flavor. It has a bright red color and an alcohol content of around 24%, which makes it a relatively strong spirit.

Campari is typically used as an ingredient in cocktails such as the Negroni, Americano, and Campari Spritz. It can also be enjoyed on its own, over ice, or mixed with soda water.

Campari is often described as an acquired taste due to its bitter flavor, but it has become a popular ingredient in many classic cocktails. It is widely available in liquor stores around the world and is often used in the creation of unique and flavorful cocktails.

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