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Bushmills Triple Distilled Whiskey 70cl



The Bushmills Original recipe dates back to before prohibition. Combining their single malt whiskey and a lighter grain whiskey, you’ll notice its rich, smooth warming taste almost instantly, just as generations have done before.

The cornerstone of the family, Bushmills Original is a smooth and versatile triple distilled blend. An approachable whiskey which has been matured in both bourbon and sherry casks resulting in fresh fruit and vanilla notes.

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Introducing Bushmills Triple Distilled Whiskey, a sublime expression that embodies the pinnacle of Irish whiskey craftsmanship. With a legacy rooted in tradition and a commitment to excellence, this exceptional whiskey showcases the unique character and smoothness that can only be achieved through triple distillation.

Crafted at the renowned Old Bushmills Distillery, nestled on the picturesque shores of County Antrim, Bushmills Triple Distilled Whiskey is the embodiment of purity and refinement. Every drop is the result of a meticulous process that begins with the finest Irish grains and the purest water from the nearby River Bush.

The journey of this extraordinary whiskey starts with the carefully selected grains, which are expertly milled and combined to create the perfect mash. The triple distillation process, a signature of Irish whiskey-making, takes place in traditional copper pot stills. Each distillation allows for the elimination of impurities and the retention of the whiskey’s most delicate flavors and aromas.

As you pour a glass of Bushmills Triple Distilled Whiskey, its pale golden color catches the light, inviting you to discover the treasures within. The aroma that emanates from the glass is delicate yet alluring, offering a bouquet of floral notes, hints of citrus, and a subtle touch of vanilla. It’s a sensory experience that hints at the exceptional smoothness that awaits.

On the palate, Bushmills Triple Distilled Whiskey unveils its true elegance. The whiskey glides effortlessly across your tongue, revealing a remarkable harmony of flavors. Delicate hints of honey and vanilla mingle with notes of fresh fruits, such as ripe pear and green apple. The absence of heavy smokiness allows the natural sweetness and complexity of the whiskey to shine through, creating a drinking experience that is both refined and accessible.

The triple distillation process employed by Bushmills results in a remarkably smooth and approachable whiskey. Its velvety texture coats the palate, leaving a gentle warmth that lingers, inviting you to savor the moment and appreciate the craftsmanship that went into creating this exceptional spirit.

Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as the foundation for a classic cocktail, Bushmills Triple Distilled Whiskey is a versatile and sophisticated choice. It captures the essence of Irish whiskey-making, combining tradition with innovation, and inviting you to experience the magic that lies within each sip.

Raise your glass to Bushmills Triple Distilled Whiskey, where centuries of heritage and unwavering dedication to quality converge. Immerse yourself in the smoothness, embrace the tradition, and embark on a journey of refined taste and exceptional character. Indulge in the elegance of this extraordinary whiskey, and discover why it continues to be celebrated as a true gem of Irish whiskey craftsmanship.

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