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Burleigh’s Distillers Cut Gin 70cl



Burleigh’s Distillers Cut is an exceptionally crisp & fresh gin that showcases our master distillers craft. It is distilled with a higher proportion of softer, sweeter, more floral ingredients. Pair with a fresh pink grapefruit and rosemary for a delicate, floral gin & tonic.

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Introducing Burleigh’s Distillers Cut Gin

Here at Burleigh’s, we’re proud to introduce our latest gin creation: Distillers Cut. This premium gin is distilled with a higher proportion of softer, sweeter, more floral ingredients, resulting in an exceptionally crisp and fresh flavor profile. It’s perfect for enjoying neat or on the rocks, and pairs especially well with a fresh pink grapefruit and rosemary garnish for a delicate, floral gin & tonic. So if you’re looking for a delicious new gin to try, order Burleigh’s Distillers Cut online today!

The Art of Gin Making

Our team of master distillers has years of experience crafting high-quality spirits, and Distillers Cut is no exception. Every bottle is distilled with care using only the finest ingredients. The result is a smooth, refreshing gin that we know you’ll love.

The Perfect Gin & Tonic Recipe

– 1 part Burleigh’s Distillers Cut Gin
– 3 parts premium tonic water
– 1 fresh pink grapefruit
– 1 sprig of rosemary

What sets it apart from other Gin in its class?

If gin lovers are looking for a unique experience, Burleighs Distillers Cut Gin is an absolute must-try. This gin stands in its class above the rest due to the complex flavour profile which combines juniper, orange, cinnamon and cardamom – allowing gin aficionados to explore new varieties of gin. Not only that but Burleigh’s Distillers Cut Gin has something special; named after the legendary gin making family the Dore family who have been located in the English countryside for centuries and have preserved their gin heritage up until current brewing methods.

How to Best Serve

Burleigh’s Distillers Cut Gin is the perfect choice for gin lovers looking to experience something extra special. Not only does it pair brilliantly with tonic and other mixers, but its complex flavour profile offers gin aficionados a unique taste sensation. A carefully crafted blend of juniper and other botanicals give the gin its signature herbal notes, while citrus elements bring out a refreshing crispness. With each gin and tonic, gin lovers can discover new dimensions of flavour in Burleigh’s Distillers Cut. So if you’re interested in tasting a piece of history – this gin is worth every penny!

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