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Boodles Mulberry Gin 70cl



Boodles Mulberry Gin is a special release from Boodles for the holidays. The humble mulberry tree has been a familiar sight in the British countryside for centuries. In this bottle the delicate taste of mulberry combines with notes of raspberry and currant to create a sweet and subtle medley. It’s the perfect complement to Boodles British Gin’s unique botanicals of rosemary, nutmeg and sage, creating the proper balance and complexity of flavour. Inspired by the traditional sloe gin liqueur, Boodles Mulberry is a fresh interpretation of a British classic.

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Boodles Mulberry Gin 70cl: The Perfect British Classic for the Holidays

This holiday season, make your celebrations a little more special with Boodles Mulberry Gin. A unique release from Boodles, this delightful gin is inspired by the traditional sloe gin liqueur and has been made with the finest botanicals of rosemary, nutmeg, and sage. With notes of mulberry, raspberry, and currant combined in perfect harmony, it’s the perfect way to bring a bit of British countryside to modern day festivities

What Makes Boodles Mulberry Gin 70cl Special?

Boodles has truly outdone themselves with this new limited edition gin. Made using the humble mulberry tree as its star ingredient, its delicate taste of mulberry is balanced perfectly against sweet notes of raspberry and currant for a subtle medley that will please any palate. Combined with Boodle’s signature mix of botanicals – rosemary, nutmeg and sage – you have a truly unique drink that celebrates British heritage in all its glory

How to Best Serve?

If you’re looking to tantalise gin lovers and impress your guests, Boodles Mulberry Gin is the perfect gin for the occasion. Serve it icy cold over plenty of ice with a splash of tonic water and a sprig of fresh mint and you’ll be sure to have happy guests who will savour every last drop. Don’t forget to add a juicy wedge of fresh lime for that extra zing! For an added treat, try it in a gin martini. It also pairs wonderfully in gin-based cocktails like gin gimlets or gin fizzes—so there’s no shortage of options for serving up delicious Boodles Mulberry Gin. Bon appétit!

Celebrate your holidays this year with something truly special – Boodles Mulberry Gin 70cl! With its perfect balance between sweet mulberries and classic botanicals like rosemary and nutmeg, it offers a unique twist on an old favourite. It makes the ideal gift for any gin lover (or yourself!) looking to add something special and unique to their liquor cabinet this holiday season. Don’t wait too long though; this limited edition bottle won’t last forever!

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  1. Tommy Daniels

    Lovely taste with ice and tonic on a sunny afternoon. A reasonably priced gin that's really good. The bottle is simple but a bit unique, making it a nice gift. We just like to enjoy drinking it!

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