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Boë Scottish Bramble Gin 70cl



We take Boë Gin and blend it with the juice of Scottish Brambles (blackberries) to create Boë Scottish Bramble Gin Liqueur.

The rich, fruitiness of Scottish Brambles give a delightful and distinctive taste, aroma and appearance. Enjoy with Champagne or Prosecco, in cocktails, with soda or lemonade or simply over ice.

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Boë Scottish Bramble Gin: A Scottish Twist on a Classic Gin Drink

Boë Gin, one of Scotland’s most popular gins, has teamed up with Scottish brambles (blackberries) to create a delicious and unique gin liqueur. The rich fruitiness of the brambles gives this gin liqueur a delightful taste, aroma, and appearance. Whether you enjoy it with Champagne or Prosecco, in cocktails, or simply over ice, Boë Scottish Bramble Gin is sure to please any gin lover.

The History of Boë Scottish Bramble Gin

Boë Gin has been produced in Scotland since 1785 and is one of the country’s most historic gins. The Boë family has been making gin for over 230 years and their experience shows in every sip of Boë Scottish Bramble Gin. This delightful drink is a modern twist on a classic gin liqueur and is sure to become a new favourite.

How to Enjoy Boë Scottish Bramble Gin

There are many ways to enjoy Boë Scottish Bramble Gin. It is best served over ice For gin lovers who prefer their drinks on the rocks, this liqueur makes a perfect summer sipper. The gin’s botanicals are expertly balanced with fresh raspberries and blackberries, giving it a tart yet sweet flavour that is perfect for a hot day. It also pairs well with Champagne or Prosecco. Whether you enjoy it neat or on the rocks, Boë Scottish Bramble Gin is sure to please any gin lover.

Why You Should Try Boë Scottish Bramble Gin Today!

If you’re looking for a unique and delicious gin liqueur, look no further than Boë Scottish Bramble Gin Liqueur. For gin lovers, this is the perfect way to enjoy their favourite spirit with a twist. Made with Scottish gin and infused with blackberry flavour. What sets this gin apart from other gin-based drinks is its unique flavour profile. The blackberry notes are perfectly balanced with the juniper and citrus flavours of the gin, creating a refreshing and complex drink that is sure to please. So if you’re looking for something different to sip on this summer, be sure to give Boë Scottish Bramble Gin a try.

This one-of-a-kind drink is perfect for any occasion. So why not order a bottle today and start enjoying the unique taste of Boë Scottish Bramble Gin!

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