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Boë Azzurra Vodka 70cl



Pure and smooth vodka, perfectly blended with tropical flavours of watermelon and kiwi. These flavours bring an exotic element to this flavour profile, complemented by cucumber and mint, making this vodka as fresh as diving into the sea.

This vodka is inspired by the blue skies of Italy where the crisp blue waters of the Mediterranean stretch to meet clear blue & cloudless skies above. Be instantly transported to another world with Azzurra vodka. Serve with lots of ice and mix it with lemonade, soda, or just add sunshine with a garnish of mint for that perfect holiday vibe.

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    Kiwi, Watermelon
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Introducing Boë Azzurra Vodka, a captivating spirit that marries the purity of premium vodka with the essence of the Mediterranean. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to quality, Boë Azzurra takes you on a sensory journey that transports you to the sun-drenched shores of the Mediterranean.

Boë Azzurra Vodka starts with the finest grains, carefully selected for their superior quality. These grains undergo a meticulous distillation process that ensures the utmost purity and clarity, resulting in a vodka of exceptional smoothness and refinement. The spirit is then blended with the purest Scottish water, renowned for its pristine quality, to create a truly harmonious and balanced expression.

What sets Boë Azzurra apart is its unique infusion of botanicals inspired by the Mediterranean landscape. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant colors and scents of the region, Boë Azzurra is infused with a carefully selected blend of botanicals that capture the essence of the Mediterranean coast. Juniper berries, coriander seeds, lemon peel, and angelica root are just a few of the botanicals that lend their aromatic and flavorful notes to this exceptional vodka.

The infusion process is a delicate art, with each botanical carefully selected and balanced to create a symphony of flavors. The result is a vodka with a distinct character and a captivating profile. On the nose, Boë Azzurra entices with vibrant citrus notes, hints of herbs, and a delicate floral bouquet. As the vodka caresses your palate, layers of flavors unfold, revealing a harmonious blend of zesty lemon, warm spice, and a subtle earthiness that adds depth and complexity.

Boë Azzurra Vodka is a versatile spirit, perfect for savoring on its own or as the foundation for a range of creative cocktails. Its Mediterranean-inspired botanical infusion adds a unique twist to classic recipes, elevating familiar flavors and adding a touch of sophistication. From refreshing spritzes to innovative mixology creations, Boë Azzurra brings a taste of the Mediterranean to every sip.

The bottle itself is a work of art, reflecting the elegance and allure of Boë Azzurra. Its sleek, blue-tinted glass evokes the crystalline waters of the Mediterranean, while the embossed label and silver accents add a touch of luxury and refinement. The bottle is a testament to the craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into creating this exceptional vodka.

Indulge in the allure of the Mediterranean with every sip of Boë Azzurra Vodka. Let its smoothness and vibrant flavors transport you to the sun-soaked shores and azure waters of the Mediterranean coast. Whether enjoyed in moments of celebration, shared with loved ones, or savored as a personal indulgence, Boë Azzurra invites you to experience the Mediterranean in a glass. Raise your glass, toast to the extraordinary, and let Boë Azzurra awaken your senses to the beauty and flavors of this captivating region.

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