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Beefeater Blackberry Gin 70cl



Introducing Beefeater Blackberry, the latest expression from Beefeater, the worlds most awarded gin.

Crafted by the world’s most experienced gin Master Distiller, this is Beefeater distilled in London and refreshed with natural Blackberry flavour.

This is a juicy gin, with the complex notes of Beefeater’s classic juniper, citrus and floral with a long, refreshing finish. On the nose ripe, autumnal citrus fruits with a subtle geranium notes adding complexity.

Perfect for a blackberry hit in your classic gin & tonic, or mixed in a cocktail.

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Introducing Beefeater Blackberry Gin

The world’s most awarded gin just got even better with the addition of Beefeater Blackberry. London’s finest gin, distilled to perfection and now with a refreshing natural blackberry flavour.

Beefeater Blackberry Gin is the perfect choice for those who want a fruity twist on their classic gin & tonic. Made by the world’s most experienced gin Master Distiller, this delicious spirit offers complex notes of juniper, citrus, and florals, with a long, refreshing finish. On the nose, you’ll detect ripe, autumnal citrus fruits with subtle geranium notes adding complexity.

What sets it apart from other Gin in its class?

For gin lovers, there is nothing quite like a glass of Beefeater Blackberry Gin. Distilled in London since 1820, Beefeater gin has long been known for its unique flavour and exceptional quality. What sets Beefeater Blackberry Gin apart from other gin in its class is the use of only the finest blackberries. These hand-picked berries are soaked in gin for weeks, allowing their flavour to infuse into the spirit. The result is a gin that is deliciously sweet and intensely flavorful. Whether you enjoy it neat or in a cocktail, Beefeater Blackberry Gin is sure to please.

How to best serve.

The sweet and fruity flavour of the gin pairs perfectly with the tartness of the blackberries, creating a drink that is refreshing and sophisticated. While there are many ways to serve Beefeater Blackberry Gin, we think the best way is on the rocks. The ice helps to keep the gin cool and also provides a little bit of dilution, which brings out the flavour of the gin. We also like to garnish our gin with a few fresh blackberries, which not only looks beautiful but also adds a lovely sweetness to the drink. So if you’re looking for the perfect way to enjoy Beefeater Blackberry Gin, be sure to give our method a try. Cheers!

So if you’re looking for a delicious new gin to try, order Beefeater Blackberry online today! You won’t be disappointed. Cheers!

Welcome to the world of Beefeater Blackberry Gin! Our latest expression is sure to delight gin lovers everywhere with its complex flavour profile and refreshing natural blackberry taste. Order your bottle today and let us know what you think! Cheers!


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