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Bacardi Spiced Rum 70cl



Created with aged rum and a touch of smokiness from charred American oak barrels, BACARDÍ Spiced is a gluten-free rum mixed with natural flavours and spices for a bold yet smooth taste. The BACARDÍ Spiced liquid features both light and deep notes, making it ideal for crafting spiced rum drinks.

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Introducing Bacardi Spiced Rum, a captivating blend of Caribbean flavors and a touch of exotic spices that will ignite your senses and transport you to a world of adventure and indulgence. Crafted with passion and expertise, this exceptional spirit combines the finest aged rums with a secret blend of natural spices, resulting in a rum that is rich, complex, and undeniably delicious.

Bacardi Spiced Rum begins its journey with the careful selection of premium Caribbean rums, each aged for a minimum of one year to develop depth and character. These rums, crafted from the finest sugarcane molasses, are then expertly blended to create a harmonious base that sets the stage for the infusion of enticing spices.

The aroma of Bacardi Spiced Rum is an intoxicating invitation to explore its rich flavors. As you bring the glass to your nose, the warm and comforting notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla entwine with hints of caramel and toasted oak. The result is a captivating bouquet that promises a sensory journey like no other.

With the first sip, Bacardi Spiced Rum reveals its full character. The smooth and velvety texture glides across your palate, delivering a burst of flavors that dance in perfect harmony. The initial sweetness of vanilla and caramel unfolds to reveal layers of spices, including cinnamon, nutmeg, and a subtle hint of allspice. The balance between the sweetness and the spiciness is masterfully achieved, creating a rum that is both approachable and complex.

Bacardi Spiced Rum is a versatile spirit that lends itself to a wide range of cocktail creations. Its bold flavors and well-rounded profile make it an excellent choice for classic cocktails such as the Spiced Rum Old Fashioned or the Spiced Rum Sour. Additionally, it adds a distinctive twist to contemporary concoctions like the Spiced Rum Espresso Martini or the Spiced Rum Mule. With each cocktail, Bacardi Spiced Rum elevates the drinking experience, providing a symphony of flavors that excite the palate.

The bottle design of Bacardi Spiced Rum is a reflection of its bold and adventurous spirit. The sleek and modern silhouette, adorned with the iconic Bacardi bat logo, stands as a testament to the brand’s legacy and commitment to quality. Displayed proudly on your home bar or given as a gift, the bottle captures the essence of the rum inside and adds a touch of elegance to any setting.

Embrace the spirit of adventure and ignite your taste buds with Bacardi Spiced Rum. Experience the passion and craftsmanship that have made Bacardi a leader in the rum industry for generations. Whether enjoyed in a classic cocktail, mixed into your own unique creation, or savored neat, Bacardi Spiced Rum is the perfect companion for moments of celebration, camaraderie, and exploration. Raise your glass and embark on a flavor-filled journey that will leave a lasting impression.

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