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Absolut Kurant Vodka 70cl



Blackcurrant. This sweet berry ripens in July  just as Swedes take their well-deserved vacation after having survived yet another long, cold and dark winter. Grown in your typical Swede’s country house backyard and in the wild, black currant is close to the Swede’s hearts for many reasons. This is their tribute to it. Skål!

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Absolut Kurant vodka is a flavored vodka produced by the Swedish brand Absolut. It is part of Absolut’s Flavors range, which offers a variety of fruit-infused vodkas. Absolut Kurant is known for its intense black currant flavor, which adds a sweet and fruity twist to the classic vodka.

Here are some key details about Absolut Kurant vodka:

  1. Flavor Profile: Absolut Kurant vodka has a distinct and vibrant black currant flavor. It captures the essence of ripe black currants, offering a balance of sweetness and tartness.
  2. Ingredients: Like other Absolut vodkas, Absolut Kurant is made using high-quality ingredients. It is primarily crafted from winter wheat sourced from southern Sweden and pristine water from a deep well in Åhus, Sweden.
  3. Distillation Process: Absolut Kurant undergoes continuous distillation, a method that involves multiple distillations to achieve a pure and smooth vodka. This process helps eliminate impurities and ensures a consistent level of quality.
  4. Mixability: Absolut Kurant is a versatile vodka that lends itself well to mixing in various cocktails. Its rich black currant flavor pairs nicely with a range of ingredients, making it a popular choice for creating fruity and flavorful drinks. It can be used in cocktails like the Black Currant Martini, Kir Royale, or mixed with soda water or lemon-lime soda for a refreshing spritzer.
  5. Packaging: Absolut Kurant vodka typically comes in the brand’s signature clear bottle, featuring a sleek and minimalist label design. The bottle’s appearance aligns with Absolut’s contemporary and modern branding.
  6. Additional Flavors: In addition to Absolut Kurant, Absolut offers a wide range of flavored vodkas, including Absolut Lime, Absolut Raspberry, Absolut Mango, and many more. These diverse flavors provide versatility for mixing unique cocktails and experimenting with different taste combinations.

It’s important to note that Absolut Kurant vodka does not contain any added sugar or artificial sweeteners. This allows the natural black currant flavor to shine through without overwhelming the palate.

As always, remember to consume Absolut Kurant responsibly and within legal drinking age limits. Adhere to local laws and regulations regarding alcohol consumption in your area.

Product Reviews

  1. Bryony Tasic

    I really like this. It's crisp, fruity, not too sweet. Be careful, though—it's easy to have too much!

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