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1883 Rose Syrup 1ltr



With the gentle scent reminiscent of freshly picked rose petals, Rose 1883 syrup brings out the flowery, honeyed nuances of the rose to enhance gourmet creativity. Made from thoughtfully chosen ingredients, including natural cane sugar and our secret ingredient, pure Alpine water.

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    1883 Maison Routin
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    1 Litre
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Rose syrup is a sweet and fragrant syrup made from rose petals and sugar. It is commonly used as a flavoring in desserts, beverages, and cocktails.

To make rose syrup, fresh or dried rose petals are steeped in water to extract their essential oils and flavors. The resulting liquid is then combined with sugar and cooked down until it becomes a thick syrup.

Rose syrup has a delicate pink color and a sweet, floral flavor that is characteristic of roses. It is commonly used as a flavoring in beverages such as lassis, lemonades, and cocktails such as the Rose Martini or the Rose Fizz.

In addition to its use in drinks, rose syrup can also be used as a flavoring in desserts such as ice creams, cakes, and pastries. It can also be used to add a floral sweetness to yogurt, oatmeal, or smoothies.

Rose syrup is a popular ingredient in Middle Eastern and Indian cuisine, where it is used to flavor traditional sweets such as baklava or gulab jamun. It is also used in some savory dishes such as rice pilafs or curries.

Overall, rose syrup is a versatile and delicious ingredient that adds a delicate floral flavor to a wide range of recipes. Its delicate pink color and sweet fragrance make it a popular addition to many drinks and desserts.

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