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1883 Crème de Cassis Syrup 1ltr



With an intense berry scent associated with notes of carnation and rose, Blackcurrant 1883 syrup has a balanced flavour that is sweet and complex. Slightly earthy and acidic notes, subtly enhanced by aromas of black grapes, currants and passion fruit. Blackcurrant 1883 syrup is made from carefully selected ingredients including natural cane sugar and our secret ingredient, pure Alpine water.

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    1883 Maison Routin
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    1 Litre
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Crème de cassis is a sweet liqueur made from blackcurrants. It originated in France and is commonly used in cocktails and desserts.

The liqueur is made by macerating blackcurrants in a neutral spirit, such as vodka or brandy, and then adding sugar. The resulting liquid is then aged for several weeks to allow the flavors to develop.

Crème de cassis has a dark red or purple color and a sweet, fruity taste with a slightly tart finish. It is commonly used as a flavoring in cocktails such as the Kir, which is made by adding a small amount of crème de cassis to a glass of white wine or champagne.

In addition to its use in cocktails, crème de cassis is also a popular ingredient in desserts, such as sorbets and fruit tarts. It is also used as a flavoring for sauces and marinades.

Crème de cassis is often used in French cuisine and is considered a staple of the Burgundy region, where it is used to make the popular Kir Royale cocktail. It is also enjoyed around the world as a delicious and versatile liqueur.

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