Free delivery over £140


All of our products are shipped with a protective cardboard mold surrounding the bottle, which is then placed in a thick cardbord box for shipping.

This packaging is tried, tested and approved by our courier and is used by many other companies that ship glass & liquid on a regular basis.

Please be aware that if you have purchased an item that is already in a box, such as whisky or champagne, we will remove the bottle from the presentation box and ship it in one of our approved bottle molds. This ensures the best protection for the bottle during its journey to your door. All of our products that come with a presentation box have an option for the presentation box to be sent for an extra fee. If you require the presentation box, the bottle will still be sent in our protective molds, with the presentation box being empty, in the same shipping box as the bottle.

If your product arrives broken or if you are unhappy with the packaging in some way, please email us on [email protected] and we will do our absolute best to deal with your issue.

The in-box moulds are made from 100% waste material, they are re-usable, recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. The base units are great for growing seeds in before planting, and all 3 parts of the units make great play structures for small pets such as hamsters and gerbils too!

If you have sent in a product enquiry via [email protected] surrounding a rare or ultra-superior item, or if you have purchased a product of this nature that we already stock, we may decide that the product is too valuable to be shipped via our courier service. If this the case, we shall arrange the delivery of the requested item with the customer via email. Please note that if special delivery is arranged with the customer, it will be at no extra charge.