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Buy Rum Online in UK

If you’ve found us whilst looking for a shop to buy rum online, then welcome to our world of rum. Our carefully selected rum varieties combine rich traditions and diverse flavors. Explore premium brands like Captain Morgan and Mount Gay, each bottle telling a tale of craftsmanship. From the warmth of Caribbean rums to the bold character of Kraken, our collection caters to all tastes. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or just starting your rum journey, discover the versatility of light rums for refreshing cocktails or the depth of aged selections like Bacardi Reserva Ocho. Embrace the tropical bliss of Malibu or the distinctive character of Havana Club.

What rums are available in our online store?

At Superior Wines and Spirits, we work hard to find some of the best alcohol spirits from around the world. We like to offer drinks that you can’t find locally & that make an occasion special. We also offer a range of the most popular rum flavours, such as:

  • Light rum, such as white rum or clear rum
  • Gold rum
  • Flavoured rum, such as dark honey rum
  • Spiced rum
  • Dark rum
  • Black rum
  • Premium aged rum and rare rum

We also offer some of the more well-known rum brands such as Dead Man’s Fingers Rum, Bacardi, Captain Morgan, Havana Club, Kraken, Mermaid, Old J, Pusser’s, all of which come in a number of flavours & spices.

Buy Rum online in our Spirits section, or alternatively if you prefer other cocktails such as Cosmopolitan or Harvey Wallbanger, see our vodka section for example. Keep an eye out for our soon-to-be-published cocktail bundles that will make any night in, feel like a night out. Happy Sipping Folks!

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