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Buy gin online from Superior Wines & Spirits

Our gin collection blends tradition and innovation. Explore premium brands like Tanqueray and Bombay Sapphire, known for their iconic juniper flavours. From the floral elegance of Hendrick’s Gin to the citrusy notes of Beefeater, our selection caters to both experienced enthusiasts and those new to the world of gin. Whether you prefer small-batch complexities, new flavours, or the timeless allure of London Dry, our assortment is crafted for a delightful gin experience. We are fast becoming the place to buy gin online in the UK: you buy a bottle of gin & get the kudos from your friends & family.

Why our online gin shop?

Superior Wines & Spirits is your go-to gin shop online for a large selection of gin varieties. Here you can select and order gin online in just a few clicks. We offer:

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At Superior Wines & Spirits, you can also find a large selection of summer alcoholic drinks, you can buy rum online, browse our limited edition alcohol or check our flavours of sambuca online. All products are 100% original!

Enticing gin offers and deals

At our online store, you can enjoy a selection of gin deals that can range anywhere between 5% and 15%, as well as fully-priced bottles. Make sure to browse our collection and order your favourite gin while it’s available.

What types of gin are there?

The main types of gin are:

  • London Gin – London is where this type of gin originated rather than being a brand name or it having to be made there. It usually has a high level of alcohol & is made from pure grain spirit & natural botanicals
  • Plymouth Gin – this was typically produced in the south of England & bottled at a lower proof. It’s less junipery than Lodong dry & is silkier in flavour. The Plymouth Gin distillery is the only company with the rights to produce this gin
  • Genever – this is a precursor to gin. Richer than gin, with an earthy flavour, it was made in parts of northwestern Europe
  • Old Tom – this is a rich gin, often aged in barrels to give a malty mouthfeel. It is used in the Tom Collins cocktail
  • Navy Gin – this is a gin with an alcohol content of at least 57%. Legend has it that this gin was stored on naval ships &, if the gin spilt & got into any gunpowder onboard, the gunpowder would still explode

A selection of famous gin brands

Fame can be determined by a number of measures, one of which is popularity. The most popular gins are:

  1. Hendrick’s Gin
  2. Tanqueray Gin
  3. Gordon’s Gin
  4. Beefeater Gin
  5. Bombay Gin

Our list includes many outstanding brands but we try to find excellent gins that you can’t find in every shop or supermarket, so make sure to check our offers on spirits. Newer, more exciting gin brands include:

  • Boe Gin – A multi-award-winning gin company based near Stirling in Scotland
  • Burleigh’s Gin – an outstandingly popular gin from Loughborough in Leicestershire
  • Piston Gin – a team of Gingeneers, based in Worcestershire, creating a unique taste in a sculpted, industrial bottle
  • Chase Gin – a farm-based distillery from Herefordshire, making their gins entirely from scratch using their own ingredients
  • Rugby Gin – a craft distillery, based in Rugby, specialising in small batch production gins using British-sourced ingredients

If you are looking for gin deals or offers to buy online, these are the brands with which you will find an excellent gin deal.