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Buy brandy & cognac online from Superior Wines & Spirits

Our selection of cognac and brandy is carefully chosen to showcase their rich history and diverse flavors. Discover the artistry of cognac, each bottle telling a story of tradition and craftsmanship. Whether you’re new or a spirits enthusiast, our collection offers different flavors and scents for everyone.

Explore our brandy selection, each bottle capturing unique qualities from various regions. From smooth classics to bold modern blends, there’s something for every taste. Find renowned cognac brands and popular brandy choices. Whether you’re building a collection or picking a thoughtful gift, our selection blends tradition with modern charm for a delightful experience. We are fast becoming the place to buy Cognac online in the UK.

At Superior Wines & Spirits you can find a wide variety of alcohol-free & low alcohol spirits, gin offers, vodka and many others.

Types of Cognac you can buy

The most common way of classifying Cognac is by age. The different classifications are:

  • VS Cognac – Aged for over 2 years. VS stands for Very Special. If you see three stars on a Cognac bottle, this is the same thing. VS Cognacs are suitable for cocktails, mixed drinks & cooking
  • VSOP Cognac – These are aged for over 4 years. VSOP stands for Very Superior Old Pale & is suitable for cocktails, drinking on ice & cooking
  • XO Cognac – XO stands for Extra Old & requires aging of at least 10 years. These Cognacs are enjoyable neat as well as on ice & with food
  • XXO Cognac – XXO stands for extra old. Cognacs in this category must be aged for at least 14 years. These Cognacs are enjoyable neat as well as on ice & with food
  • Reserve Cognac – Reserves are typically aged for at least 25 years
  • Hors d’Age Cognac – This means beyond age & is reserved for Cognacs that have been aged the longest. All Cognacs in this category have been aged for at least 30 years & some have been aged for 100 years

Typically, as the length of the aging process goes up, so does the Cognac price.

Featured Cognac brands

Cognacs are also categorised by the brand or ‘house of manufacture’. Explore our selection of featured cognac brands, each bottle representing a pinnacle of craftsmanship and flavor refinement. Cognac is dominated by the Big Four brands:

  • Courvoisier Cognac – founded in 1835, it is the youngest of the ‘big four’ Cognac houses but has an excellent pedigree, controlling each step of the manufacture without owning its own stills
  • Hennessey Cognac – another of the ‘big four’, Hennessey have been making Cognacs for over 250 years
  • Martell Cognac – also one of the ‘big four’, Martell has a 300-year history stretching back to Jean Martell in 1715
  • Remy Martin – this is the other of the big four, founded in 1724

Not sure what Cognac to order online? Don’t worry! We’re here to help you make the right choice. Browse our spirits on offer or get in touch with us and a consultant of our team will help you pick the right fit for you based on your preferences, tastes, and budget. Enjoy your special occasion!