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What To Drink With Sambuca: What Mixes With Sambucas Well

What To Drink With Sambuca: What Mixes With Sambucas Well

Sambuca is a versatile drink full of flavours and possibilities. The iconic Italian liqueur, renowned for its rich anise taste and aromatic undertones, is not just meant for sipping alone.

In this guide, we explore what pairs well with Sambuca, whether in classic combinations, contemporary cocktails, or unexpected culinary pairings. So, before you venture out to buy Sambuca, make sure to learn exactly what to drink with Sambuca to get the most out of your drinking experience.

Sambuca mixology basics: understanding the flavour profile of Sambuca

Unraveling what mixes with Sambuca starts with the knowledge of the distinctive flavour profile of Sambuca. The Italian liqueur has a harmonious blend of sweetness, anise, and herbal notes, and it’s no secret what Sambuca is made of.

  • Sweet top notes – Sambuca unfolds on the palate with a sweetness that carries undertones of licorice. This natural sweetness forms a perfect base for a variety of mixers.
  • Anise middle notes – The dominant flavour in Sambuca is anise which is rich and aromatic in quality. This licorice-like essence is what sets Sambuca apart, making it a unique addition to cocktails and mixers.
  • Herbal undertones – Sambuca often has subtle herbal undertones in its taste. This complexity adds depth, making it a versatile companion in the world of mixology.

Understanding these key elements in the flavour profile of Sambuca allows you to unlock the potential of Sambuca in your mixology endeavors. Whether you’re crafting a cocktail, experimenting with coffee pairings, or drizzling it over desserts, the nuanced flavors of Sambuca offer a delightful journey for your taste buds. There is no wrong way to drink Sambuca.

Classic Sambuca pairings

For a classical experience of Sambuca, you can drink it on its own or with harmonious companions. The classical Sambuca combinations include:

  • Coffee – in Italy, it is accustomed to add a few drops of Sambuca to espresso. The warmth of the coffee complements the sweet and anise nuances of Sambuca, creating a delightful after-dinner treat known as “caffè corretto”.
  • Desserts – another typical pairing of Sambuca is desserts. You can drizzle Sambuca over vanilla ice cream or use it as a glaze for cakes. Its sweet and aromatic nature enhances the flavours of the dessert, offering a sophisticated twist to your sweet indulgences.
  • Cigars – the classical experience of the liqueur can involve pairing Sambuca with cigars, for those who enjoy them. The interaction between the smoky notes of a fine cigar and the herbal richness of Sambuca creates a rich sensory experience, making it a favoured pairing in social settings.

What to mix with different Sambuca flavours and type

Sambuca, with its diverse varieties, opens up a world of mixology possibilities. Each type—whether white or black—brings distinct characteristics to the cocktail table.

What to mix with white Sambuca

White Sambuca, known for its sweet and vibrant nature, harmonizes well with a range of mixers. Here are some delightful combinations for white Sambuca:

  • Citruses – pair white Sambuca with citrusy mixers like orange juice or lemon-lime soda. The fresh and zesty notes of citrus beautifully complement the sweetness of white Sambuca.
  • Coconut – for a more tropical taste, mix white Sambuca with coconut water or coconut cream. This combination has a smooth and exotic cocktail experience.
  • Other fruits – experiment with various fruit juices such as pineapple, peach, or cranberry. The fruity infusion adds layers of flavour to the white Sambuca, creating a refreshing blend.

What to mix with black Sambuca

Black Sambuca, known for its intense anise flavor and dark, mysterious appearance, lends itself to bold and intriguing combinations. Here are some interesting pairings for black Sambuca:

  • Coffee – combine black Sambuca with freshly brewed espresso for a classic Italian treat. The rich coffee notes complement the deep, licorice undertones of black Sambuca.
  • Chocolate -mix black Sambuca with chocolate liqueur or hot chocolate for a more intense experience. The combination of dark chocolate and anise creates a luxurious and indulgent drink perfect for chilly evenings.
  • Cherry and cola – enhance the dark fruit notes in black Sambuca by mixing it with cherry juice or cola. This combination adds a touch of sweetness and complexity to the bold flavors of black Sambuca.

Whether you opt for the lively white Sambuca or the mysterious black variant, experimenting with different mixers allows you to craft unique and delightful cocktails that suit your taste preferences.

Sambuca cocktails

Sambuca drinks are a great way to elevate a drinking experience to new heights. If you’re wondering what do you mix Sambuca with, we have a couple of Sambuca cocktail recipes prepared.

Sambuca Sour



  1. Combine all of the ingredients and mix until you emulsify them;
  2. Transfer the mixture to a shaker, add ice and shake for 15 seconds;
  3. Strain into a chilled glass;
  4. Garnish the cocktail with a twist of lemon or a lemon wedge.

Black Licorice Martini



  1. Combine Sambuca and vodka in a shaker with ice;
  2. Shake well and strain into a martini glass.;
  3. Garnish the cocktail with a green olive on a pick.

Sambuca Espresso Martini


  • 1 oz Sambuca, classic or flavoured, like the Antica Amaretto Sambuca
  • 1 oz vodka
  • 1 oz freshly brewed espresso
  • ice
  • coffee beans


  1. Combine all of the ingredients in a shaker and add ice;
  2. Shake well until the mixture emulsifies;
  3. Strain into a chilled martini glass;
  4. Add a couple of coffee beans for decoration.

These Sambuca cocktails showcase its adaptability when it comes to what can be mixed with Sambuca. The drinks offer a spectrum of flavors to suit different palates and tastes. Whether you prefer the boldness of espresso or the freshness of lemon, there’s a Sambuca cocktail for every mood.

Pairing Sambuca with food

When it comes to the combination of food and Sambuca, it’s important to know that the drink can be paired with a range of culinary creations. The following food pairings for Sambuca are carefully curated to enhance the Sambuca experience, creating a symphony of flavors on the palate.

  • Rich desserts – The sweet and aniseed notes of Sambuca harmonize well with bold desserts. Try it alongside a velvety chocolate mousse or a classic tiramisu for an indulgent treat.
  • Cheese varieties – The herbal undertones of Sambuca pair well with various cheeses. Try it with aged Parmesan or creamy Gorgonzola for a delightful balance of flavours.
  • Savory appetizers – Sambuca’s unique flavour profile complements savory appetizers wonderfully. Consider pairing it with bruschetta topped with tomatoes and basil or olive tapenade on crusty bread.
  • Fruit medley – Fresh fruits can cut through the sweetness of Sambuca. Opt for fruits with a slightly sour taste. Try it with slices of juicy pear or a fruit salad featuring berries for a refreshing pairing.
  • Spiced nuts – The warmth of spiced nuts, like cinnamon almonds or honey-glazed walnuts, contrasts beautifully with the herbal nuances of Sambuca.

In the world of spirits, Sambuca stands out as a versatile and captivating drink. Sambuca’s age is a factor in its rich variety of pairings. Whether you savour its sweet nature in a fruity concoction or prefer its dark, anise-infused notes in a sophisticated blend, the possibilities are as diverse as your imagination.

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