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Flaming Sambuca: What It Is & How To Drink It

Flaming Sambuca: What It Is & How To Drink It

If you’re a fellow Sambuca connoisseur, chances are that you’ll want to try Sambuca in all its shapes, sizes, and tastes. And flaming Sambuca, known for its vibrant blue flame and aromatic profile, has earned a reputation as a spectacle to any gathering.

So, in today’s article, we explore what flaming Sambuca is and how to drink this fiery concoction safely from the comfort of your home. Even if you are a novice at tasting the delicious liqueur, make sure to give this one a read before buying Sambuca on your next shopping spree.

What is flaming Sambuca?

Flaming Sambuca is a way of serving a Sambuca shot. It involves igniting the surface of a serving of Sambuca, which creates a beautiful blue flame that dances atop the liquid. Once the flame is extinguished, the drinker consumes the Sambuca.

At its core, flaming Sambuca has the same characteristics as classic Sambuca, including its sweet and anise-flavoured taste profile. The flame is created by heating the surface of the Sambuca, causing the alcohol vapours to ignite and produce a vibrant blue flame. This adds visual appeal to the drink and enhances the drinking experience by releasing the fragrant oils and botanical flavours of Sambuca.

Flaming Sambuca is often served as a shot or a digestif, enjoyed on its own or alongside coffee beans for a traditional “caffè corretto” experience.

How to drink flaming Sambuca?

Drinking flaming Sambuca is a true sensory experience. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to enjoy flaming Sambuca:

  1. Opt for high-quality Sambuca – choose a superior bottle of Sambuca for best results. We recommend picking one of the traditional Sambuca varieties, such as black Sambuca or white Sambuca as those work better for flaming Sambuca.
  2. Prepare the glass – use a heat-resistant glass or shot glass to serve the flaming Sambuca. Ensure that the glass is clean and dry to prevent any interference with the flame.
  3. Measure the Sambuca – pour a measure of Sambuca into the prepared glass, filling it about halfway to two-thirds full. Be careful not to overfill the glass, as this can spill the liqueur when igniting the Sambuca.
  4. Ignite the Sambuca – use a long-handled lighter or a match to ignite the surface of the Sambuca carefully. Hold the flame just above the surface of the liquid, allowing it to catch fire. The Sambuca will burn with a vibrant blue flame that dances on top of the liquid.
  5. Wait for the flame to subside – allow the flame to burn for a few moments, releasing the fragrant oils and flavours of the Sambuca. Do not attempt to drink the alcohol while it’s burning as you risk injury.
  6. Extinguish the flame – gently blow out the flame or cover the glass with a coaster to extinguish it. Be careful not to inhale the fumes or hot air when extinguishing the flame.
  7. Enjoy responsibly – with the flame extinguished, your flaming Sambuca is ready to be enjoyed. Take a moment to savour the liqueur before taking a sip.

Flaming Sambuca variations

While the classic way of making flaming Sambuca is loved by many, there are several other ways to enjoy this method of drinking Sambuca. We have an entire guide on what mixes with Sambuca well, so make sure to check it out. Here are a few popular variations of flaming Sambuca shots:

  • Flaming coffee Sambuca – combine freshly brewed coffee with a shot of Sambuca in a heat-resistant glass. Ignite the surface of the Sambuca to create the flaming effect, then extinguish the flame and stir the Sambuca into the coffee. Garnish with whipped cream or a dusting of cocoa powder.
  • Flaming flavoured Sambuca shots – experiment with different taste combinations by adding a splash of flavoured liqueur or syrup to the Sambuca before igniting it. Popular options include raspberry liqueur, amaretto, or cinnamon syrup, which add complexity and depth to the flavour profile of the shot.
  • Layered flaming Sambuca – you can create visually stunning layered shots by carefully layering different coloured liqueurs with Sambuca and igniting the surface to create the flaming effect. Experiment with different liqueurs and alcoholic spirits to achieve complimentary colour combinations and flavour contrasts.

These are just a few examples of the countless variations and creative possibilities which you can explore with flaming Sambuca. Whether enjoyed on its own as a classic shot or incorporated into other innovative options, flaming Sambuca offers endless opportunities for experimentation. And if you’ve enjoyed the read, make sure to check the following articles:

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