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Is Vodka Good For You

In this article, we will be looking at why vodka is good for you and why vodka is bad for you. We will look at the science of vodka, how your body reacts to it and how much vodka is a healthy amount to consume in one sitting. So, before you run and buy vodka online, let’s see – is vodka good for you or not? Is a shot of vodka a day good for you? Well, the answer is yes. And no. let’s look at the benefits first.

Health Benefits of Vodka

  • Vodka has a few health benefits, depending on how it is consumed. The first benefit is the obvious one – it helps you to de-stress. Nothing soothes the soul like time with your friends and if this colourless liquid can boost that de-stressing, then it’s a 10/10 from us.
  • In terms of nutrition, 80 proof Vodka carries 0 grams of Fat, Cholesterol, Sodium, Fibre, Sugar, Protein and Carbohydrates and in 1 fluid ounce, there is a measly 64 calories! So, if you’re ordering shots at the bar, but also on a diet, this could be an ideal option!
  • Vodka is a natural disinfectant and antiseptic. This means that, although somewhat strong to taste, it can encourage the healing of toothaches and inner mouth open wounds as well as open wounds on the exterior skin too. Be sure, if you’re using vodka on a wound, to dilute slightly so it doesn’t burn your skin but this largely depends on the quality of the liquid. Be aware, If you’re ordering a shot of vodka, you do still need to brush your teeth.
  • Vodka and cranberry juice. Are cranberry and vodka good for you? On one hand, we have vodka – a low calorie alcohol, on the other, we have cranberry juice (known for its health perks). Put your hands together and you end up with one tasty drink! Cranberry juice is a great source of Vitamin C, which helps defend against heart disease and acts as an anti-inflammatory in the body and has been shown to improve skin.

We’ve pulled out a couple more reasons why is vodka good for you out of our sleeves

  • It is also heart-healthy. Vodka can increase blood flow and circulation within the body as well lowering cholesterol levels. This will decrease blood clots, strokes and other heart-related diseases. Who knew it might be good for cardiovascular health?
  • It can stimulate hair growth. Vodka is one of the most suggested hair-growth remedies all over the world and has been proven to remove the product build-up on the scalp and stands of hair, in turn, boosting growth and encouraging shine too!
  • The liquid neutralizes odours. That’s right, this neat spirit will take the stink away from anything. It also cleans stains. We think these two come hand in hand and you can use them to fix feet or armpit odour, shoes and clothing smells or marks, oily kitchen utensils and toilet rings. Is there anything vodka can’t do?

The Pitfalls of Vodka

If you wonder is vodka bad for your health? Well, vodka isn’t all beauty treatment and good laughs though, there are certainly some side-effects of consuming neat 40% alcohol. The downfalls are health-based so you could still use vodka to clean your socks without worrying. Let’s look at these now and then you can decide whether there are more positives or negatives.

  • The Hangover. The dreaded, dreaded hangover. Hangovers are caused through excessive drinking which dehydrates the body and lowers blood sugar. This is why you feel weak and have headaches, the day after drinking. That said, because vodka is generally clear & distilled, vodka might be less likely than if you were drinking a dark spirit like a cognac or dark rum. These contain congeners (which give flavour to dark spirits) and contribute to hangovers. You’re probably best to stick with limited edition spirits for their higher quality or a clear vodka, like Grey Goose or Sipsmith Sipping vodka or even our Piston Signature Distilled Vodka which has been distilled 9 times.
  • Liver damage. Years of drinking in general, not just vodka, will eventually take its toll on your body. When you binge drink vodka every day, a build up a fat grows in your liver, reducing liver function. This will then stem into the scarring of the liver tissue but it takes many years of binge drinking to get to this point.
  • Nausea. Everyone has drunk to a point where they have thrown it back up at some point. This is the body’s way of rejecting the liquid, which definitely means you should slow down. Too much of anything isn’t good and when it comes to alcohol, it could make you very sick, very quickly.

The issues with vodka are no different to the issues with drinking any alcohol to excess, however.

So, is drinking vodka bad for you? It depends on the amount of alcohol you consume. It’s arguably better for you than drinking other alcohols, at least in moderation. Is drinking vodka bad for your health? If you drink vodka every day, it’s not a great idea. If you drink a moderate amount, it can have a few health benefits as we discussed above. Be wary of dehydration, be wary of drinking yourself ill but remember, you’ll have a clean mouth and good cholesterol if you do! Happy Sipping Folks.

If we’ve not scared you & if you enjoy vodka in moderation, why not take a look at the exclusive range of vodkas we offer. If you’re having a party or a special occasion or if you’d like to give a gift that will be a conversation-piece, we’ve got a number of vodkas that can fit the bill.

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